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I am A Men’s Hair + Fashion YouTuber from Los Angela’s CA. I create high quality content for my subscribers every week. The creation of a video is extremely important to me as I spend many hours making the best content possible for your viewing pleasure! I WILL NOT release a video if I do not believe that my subscribers will enjoy it and if it provokes them in a positive way. Yes, my subscribers come first!

I have been creating videos on YouTube for about 5 years now and have just jumped back into the YouTube game. Creating videos is a passion and love of mine, and I am excited to finally be releasing good content on a regular basis again.

I am all about individuality and thinking outside the box. The only option you have is to BE DIFFERENT in order to stand out from all the noise. This individuality has taken me to some great places and I have worked with many companies and brands consistently. I only promote products and companies that I genuinely like. You won’t see any fakeness on my channel!

Beyond creating on my main channel, I also have co created and manage a group channel called Class Act Crew with my brother Dre Drexler. We honestly just wanted to create something that has never been done before. So we thought up a Men’s Hair + Fashion channel with some of YouTube’s top men’s fashion influencers. Pretty cool right?… I KNOW! We reached great success in a short amount of time by hitting over 19,000+ subscribers in only 2 months!

There are still many goals that I have not yet met in my life, but I am hustling to meet those goals this year! If you would like to join me on my YouTube journey, you can click one of the 3 buttons on this page. Either choice is fine by me! I appreciate your time and I hope we can stay connected!

Much love,

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